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Carpet offers luxury and elegance to any room in your home with the warmth, comfort and ease underfoot. Carpet comes in an extensive range of styles and colours, carpet are also manufactured in many different yarns which have many different performance benefits.


Here is some more information on the different styles available. To help in your decision our sales staff is only too willing to be of service to you, so why not give them a call.


Modulated, High & Low and Textured styles – This look is when the yarn remains in a loop and this gives it a very durable and hardwearing surface. This makes them ideal for heavy traffic.


This look is when each tuft of yarn is cut at the same height, giving it a luxurious feel. It is very hard wearing because of the dense construction and gives your floor a velvet-like finish that accentuates many a home.


This look is made by combining and twisting yarns of fibre giving it a textured look. This also gives it strength and durability to help retain looks and practicality for a long time.


This look is made by combining the loop and plush to create some interesting patterns. This gives it extra durability and performance while retaining its style.

Plus a huge range of styles in polypropylene carpets which are very durable and low maintenance making them very acceptable in rental properties.


Here are some more of the carpets in our range: